erving up pet love in the Huntersville, Cornelius and Denver NC area since 2008"


"serving up pet love"









LAKE NORMAN PET SITTING in Huntersville NC has been owned and operated by Dot Meixler since 2008.   We are registered, licensed, bonded and insured to operate out of Mecklenberg County NC.  and have been conducting business since  2008 as LAKE NORMAN PET SITTING.

.  As the owner and caregiver it is my goal that you have the peace of mind knowing that your pets and home will be given the very best care possible while you are at work, away on vacation or out-of-town for business.  

Pets are happier staying in their own home, sleeping in their own beds, eating their own food,  playing with their own toys, living their usual routines as well as having daily contact with their pet siblings.  Let Lake Norman Pet Sitting "serve up pet love" for all of your pets'  needs.

Please do not confuse us with a person named Paulette DeRonda  - Lake Norman Pet Sitting, who recently opened a pet sitting business under our exact registered business name "LAKE NORMAN PET SITTING" which has been in business locally since 2008 under my ownership.  The only reason we can fathom why she would duplicate and advertise our exact business name is to perhaps capitalize on our earned search vehicle positioning and  impeccable local business reputation in order to  quickly build her own business off of our well established business name "LAKE NORMAN PET SITTING"

                            Benefits for your Pet
     * Reduced pet stress by remaining in a safe and familiar home environment 
     * Diet and exercise routines remain constant
     * Pet is not exposed to illnesses/parasites from other animals
     * Pet receives individual love and attention while owner is away
     * Full attention is given to the details and well-being of your pet

Benefits for you..... the pet owner
     * No inconvenience of having to transport your pet & added travel time  
     * No guilt-ridden "good-byes" when dropping your pet off at the kennel 
     * Owner is greeted by your pet upon your return home
     * Owner does not have to impose upon/inconvenience friends or relatives 
     * Home is more secure...we bring in mail, newspaper, rotate lights, water plants

         Please call us for a discussion of your pet sitting needs. 
      phone: 704-948-6729           cell: 704-737-0961

        Dot Meixler

                  Licensed~ Bonded~ Insured



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